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Professional Cyber Security Software

What we do

At the Front lines Defending Against Cyber Threats

We are on the front line for you. With our Security Operations Center (SOC) we can react proactively to new or upcoming threats. Cyber ​​attacks are constantly evolving. It is a competition that is about time.
The cyber attacks in 2018 alone caused damage of $ 45 billion. The most popular and simplest destinations are often medium-sized and small businesses.

We learn about the latest attack trends and threat intelligence. We hear what is happening on the cyber security front and what attack vectors you should watch out for. Constantly asserting yourself against elusive attacks is a daily challenge for us that we face. We act proactively to eliminate threats faster when in doubt.

You will receive regular suggestions and approaches from us to combat current attack vectors. This also includes regular penetration tests, risk assessments and adjustments in consultation with your company.



We test and evaluate your infrastructure as part of a PenTest. You will receive a detailed report and a debriefing with an optional workshop.



We fix found problems and potential IT security gaps, both on the human and computer side. This also includes training.



We carry out regular audits. This minimizes the risk of security problems accumulating. Depending on the customer group, the audit intervals vary between 3-12 months.

Who we are

Providing Impenetrable Defense For Enterprise Companies

Defend your organization against the latest cyber threats. Get started with a free quote and risk evaluation.

Human + Artifical Intelligence Monitoring

Advanced Defense Arsenal

Managed IT
Pen Testing
Threat Detect
Data Recovery
Risk Assessment
Cloud Computing
Digital Security
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