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We are Experts in Security & Data Management

As a security-oriented IT company, we have many opportunities to grow. In the past, we have greatly improved our capabilities. We are constantly working on improvements. Our team believes in a secure IT world, which is only possible by informig and educating the customer.

Threat Intelligence + Response

With our experienced and enthusiastic security experts, we are able to satisfy our customers around the world. We dominate with our team. Alone we are good, but together we are better.

Managed Enterpise Solutions

We are able to support small and medium-sized companies with our Managed Enterprise Solutions. We integrate ourselves transparently into your infrastructure and take your special wishes into account.

We Use Analytics to Identify New Global Threats

During these years, we have critical issues behind us and through these amazing experiences, we have gained a lot both in terms of customers and in terms of work. Let our work be a conversation about your business.


We test and evaluate your infrastructure as part of a PenTest. You will receive a detailed report and a debriefing with an optional workshop.



We fix found problems and potential IT security gaps, both on the human and computer side. This also includes training.



We carry out regular audits. This minimizes the risk of security problems accumulating. Depending on the customer group, the audit intervals vary between 3-12 months.

Human + Artifical Intelligence Monitoring

Advanced Defense Arsenal

Managed IT
Pen Testing
Threat Detect
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